09/15/2013 08:53 EDT | Updated 11/15/2013 05:12 EST

Million Dollar Homes in the World's 'Most Liveable' Cities

People have asked me to compare Vancouver properties to those in some of the world's other "most liveable" cities. Here's a look at what around $1.1 million gets you in Melbourne, Vienna, Toronto and Vancouver.

First, Melbourne.

Million Dollar home in Melbourne

This stylish four-bedroom home features an open-plan living room opening on to a sun-drenched deck and outdoor area.

In Vienna, Austria, for $1.1 million you can forget about owning a house. A one bedroom apartment like this one is about the best you could do:

vienna $1.1 million

Obviously, it has amazing views of the city, but one bedroom would be a little small for most families. I'm thinking it's mostly rich single people or couples who live in Vienna!

In Toronto, your million plus goes a little further:

toronto $1.1 million

This five-bedroom character home is situated on an 80 x 120 foot lot, with mature gardens. Sure, there's a bit of TLC needed as multiple generations of the same family have lived here, but it's a solid, charming home.

And....for $1.1 million you'll get this Vancouver property:

vancouver property $1.1 million

It's a wonder she hasn't sold yet. Five bedrooms, two bathrooms and all on a 31 x 97 ft. lot.

That apartment in Vienna is looking more "liveable" by the second. If only I could squeeze two kids and a dog in there, too!