11/12/2013 01:57 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Why is your kid the boss of you?

We've all heard about baby-led weaning. Even child-led potty training and child-led playing makes sense. But when did child-led-every-f*%king-thing in your life happen?

I've met some parents who completely let their kids call the shots. This is an example of how the conversation goes down:

Me: Hey...didn't see you guys at the (insert school event or sports game or group family activity).

Parent Whose Kid is The Boss: Oh, that? Little (insert the name of boss kid) decided he wasn't into it and didn't want to go.

Me: Really? My kid wasn't given a choice.

PWKITB: You're so strict!! It just wasn't worth the fight. It's been a long week.

Here's the thing. It absolutely is worth the fight. Kids in our house have very limited decision making authority. We certainly consult them when we are making some decisions (like what movie to watch together or what colour rain boots they want)... But they never have final say on whether they go to school, or soccer game or Sunday dinner at Grandma's. There is a reason they have parents. I feel like letting them run the show is the easy way out... Oh, and it can have terrible consequences. I mean, look how this guy turned out:


Then there's the argument that "Oh, oh...I just want them to like me."

Parenting isn't a popularity contest.

This isn't cool:

drunk mom

I know this is a movie, but I've actually heard parents say they intend to allow their children to drink in their homes to "protect them." I was friends with kids who had parents like this. I can say that pretty much all of them have really messed up relationships with their parents now.

Parents like this need to ask themselves: Did you have a child to actually be a parent or to attain a new drinking buddy and BFF? Because, people, that is delusional. Your child's role simply isn't equal to yours -- as a parent, you have to make judgments and be in charge because otherwise, no one will be. Actually, correction: they will be. Kids can spot the chinks in your armor and they will exploit them.

You need to step that s*%t up. Like a boss.