07/22/2015 12:44 EDT | Updated 07/22/2016 05:59 EDT

My Orgasmic Business (That Has Nothing To Do With Sex)

"Orgasmically Joyful" -- What does that mean to you?

If you look up orgasmic in the dictionary it says "very enjoyable or exciting." To me, orgasmically joyful means being extremely happy and loving life.

When I set out to create my own brand, I didn't want just another tagline. I wanted a rallying cry. A call to arms to start aligning our careers and businesses with the values that matter to each of us. So of course, my tagline had to reflect my own core values. It had to be brave, fun and real: me.

I ran the tagline "Create an orgasmically joyful life & career" by my friends and was told it was too risky. They told me people would think I was a sex coach.

Then I ran it by some of my clients, and was told that had they seen that tagline before hiring me, they probably would have thought twice. There were only two of my fellow coaching colleagues and my own coach who supported my tagline.

Out of about 50 people polled, all warned me against it.

It was a really struggle for me. In my core, I believed the tagline was a true representation of who I am and the message I wanted to share. After all, who truly doesn't want to have an orgasmically joyful life and career?

I went against the majority. I stuck to what I believed -- knew -- was my outer expression of my inner reality. My rallying cry to the bored and unfulfilled would draw me to the people I was truly meant to guide.

The day my website went live, I had stomach cramps. What would the reaction be? Would people really think I was a sex coach? If so, what kind of e-mails was I about to get??

I have been a business and marketing professional for the past 20 years.

Would this diminish my credibility in other people's eyes? Would they find me crazy or unprofessional? Also...what would my Dad think?

All those fears quickly washed away. The response was amazing! Even the friends and clients who had advised against the tagline were impressed once they saw my vision brought to life on the web. And amazingly, I didn't get a single dirty e-mail.

Most importantly, what I had truly believed would happen, happened. The clients that now approach me are clients I absolutely love working with. I realized, either people love my message and want to work with me, or they don't...and that's okay. There are many different coaching styles out there precisely because there are so many different types of people, and coaching works best when clients and coaches are a good fit for each other. I put my true self out there and it brought me an abundance of clients striving for their orgasmically joyful lives.

A few weeks later I was updating my LinkedIn profile. I found myself once again doubting my tagline. My website and Facebook page were doing fantastically with such a risque tagline. Would LinkedIn -- a professional network -- be too much?

So once again, I polled my audience.

I did a Facebook survey asking people what they would choose between the following three LinkedIn taglines:

#1) Helping professionals create orgasmically joyful lives and careers.

#2) Helping professionals become the CEO of their lives.

#3) Helping people create more fulfilling lives, careers & businesses.

The large majority picked #2.

Once again, I had the public opinion in my hands and it went against what I believed was right for my brand. What was I to do?

I went back to my own core values -- brave, fun and real. I had to do it. I had to be orgasmically brave, fun and real! I went ahead with the tagline, "Helping professionals create orgasmically joyful lives and careers."

I realized that it is one thing is to know your values and another thing entirely to put those values out there in the professional sphere -- to actually be a living expression of your values in all aspects of your life.After all, if I feel I need to hide who I really am, how can I coach others to live their lives being true to who they are?

Guess what? The reaction to my LinkedIn profile has been phenomenal. "Orgasmically Joyful" is attracting the professionals that I truly love to work with.

I received so many messages from people writing to me that just reading my tagline on LinkedIn had made their day. I was told it was fun, refreshing and made them laugh.

People reached out to tell me how they were tired of leading boring lives and careers, and they were ready to be orgasmically joyful too.

I had clients tell me they admired me for being bold and that they wanted to be coached by someone who would help them be just as bold. Someone who would encourage them to bring out their true personalities as well.

What's to be learned from this experience? Sometimes, you need to brave enough to put it all on the line, to step out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you. I chose to be brave and to honor myself and my values. The results have been amazing. I am attracting amazing people by my tagline. People who are actually paying me to help them create orgasmically joyful lives, careers and businesses.

If you would like to figure out your core values in order to provide you with more direction and clarity, and to start becoming a living expression of those values, in your day to day as well as in your career or business, get this free eBook today:

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