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'Lost Girl' Season 4, Episode 8 Recap: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Krampmas

Since it's the holiday season, it's only fitting that this episode of "Lost Girl" revolves around a holiday bash. In this case, it's a Yule party. And there's a guy turning Fae into candy. Yep, that's happening.

Deck the halls with "Lost Girl" spoilers ... falalalala! Do not read this recap until you've watched Season 4, Episode 8, "Groundhog Fae."

Since it's the holiday season, it's only fitting that this episode of "Lost Girl" revolves around a holiday bash. In this case, it's a Yule party. I'm sure most of us have attended a party like this one at some point, a bacchanalia if you will, and although things may have gotten a bit out of hand in our world, there was probably never a large tattooed Fae dude in a toga, a one-handed Mesmer in a corset, or a time loop causing us to repeat the same day over and over like in "Groundhog Fae." Let's revisit what happened in the episode, but I promise if you read this recap, you will not be caught in a time loop! Speaking of which...

Let's Do The Time Loop

OK, for everyone who has been missing the Tamsin that we know and love, not to mention the Valkubus action we were teased with in Season 3, I'm guessing this episode sated you a bit!

Bo wakes up in the back seat of a car, and realizes her friends have left her behind while they're partying it up at her place. She heads into the party, is accosted by a rather repulsive Fae dude that wants her to lick his sweat (eww) and a togaed Bruce comes to her rescue. Bo is eventually greeted by a kiss from Tamsin, and as Tamsin is about to let Bo know what's going on, Bo wakes up in the back seat of the car again. Tamsin is also in the loop, and at one point when Tam plants one on Bo, the Succubus responds with, "Nothing," as in nothing is happening with the loop, but Tamsin reads it as Bo not feeling anything in the kiss, to which she responds, "Speak for yourself." Have we got a love quadrangle brewing here?

Bo notices that after some of the loops, people are going missing from the party, like Bruce, and just before another loop, she sees a chameleon-like guy snatch someone into a wall. She goes to Trick for answers and he is drunk as a skunk! During one loop, he tells her that he hasn't helped Bo find The Wanderer because he's terrified.

Back to Tamsin and Bo ... Tam tries to explain her disappearance to Bo and says that she needed to "find herself." Tamsin now remembers who she was in her last life and what she did to Bo. She later confesses that she's the reason that The Wanderer found Bo. Tam Tam was a Valkyrie bounty hunter in a previous life. She was scared of the evil Wanderer and agreed to help him find Bo because Bo never should have existed. Bo is very forgiving and sees that Tamsin is really a good person, which to me shows that Bo still has some Light Fae in there somewhere.

The "Casanova Of Clan Zamora" Has Performance Anxiety

Despite PDAs that are making some of their friends uncomfortable, now that Kenzi and Hale are together, the Siren is having a bit of trouble performing. It seems that Hale, although a legend among the ladies, has never been with someone he cares about, and the pressure of wanting things to be perfect with Kenzi is taking a toll on his libido. The day resetting itself has been working him through the issues until Kenzi finds out, and although she's temporarily mad at him, she eventually tells him she doesn't need perfection -- just him. D'awwwwww.

Krampus: The Fae World's Willy Wonka

Just before Christmas this year, I was reading an article about the comeback of Krampus, the horned creature that punishes kids (unlike his more giving counterpart, St. Nick). In the Fae world of "Lost Girl," Yule is a "sacred celebration of contrition" (as described by our Trick-opedia). It takes place on the hottest day of the year, and along with it comes Krampus, who snatches kids and takes them away in his sack. What Krampus actually ends up being is a Fae creature that takes those who are riddled with regret and fear, and turns them into candy! According to Hale, the time loop is trickery being caused by Krampus so that he can feed on that regret. (I'm guessing that Krampus is a fan of the "walk of shame.") Hale thinks the loop is harmless, but there ends up being more to it.

The chameleon dude that's been snatching people from the Yule party is feeding revellers into a candy machine, and next up is Tamsin, who has enough regret to keep the candy supply replenished for a while. When Bo confronts him, it's revealed that Krampus is actually the older guy that we saw at the gas station and the party, and that the one who's actually been abducting everyone is Jeffrey, his Oompa Loompa ... er ... son. After Tamsin admits what she did to Bo, she is released from the candy factory, along with Bruce and a few others. It seems that Bo is an everlasting gobstopper of sorts since she's full of repressed fears! And that's when she's forced to show her hand.

Admittance Is The First Step

Bo has been very cocky and bold lately, but this is one of the first times we've seen her show a bit of vulnerability since she's been back with the gang. When Krampus is about to turn her into an all-you-can-eat candy buffet, Bo admits what scares her the most: herself, what she is capable of, making the wrong choice, losing her friends and family, and of course, The Wanderer. Once she makes that confession, Krampus sets her free.

Wonder Twin Powers, Activated By Alcohol!

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- there's nothing I love more than Lauren and Dyson commiserating about Bo, especially when alcohol is involved. They've bonded, they understand each other, and while they are both still vying for Bo's affections, I'd say it's a friendly competition.

They have something that they're keeping from Bo ... a box that contains something that we don't see until the very end of the episode. They're wrapped up in a "should we/shouldn't we" that ends up being mediated by none other than our self-mutilated Mesmer, Vex, who is referred to as Bo's "pet" at one point. Interesting. While they don't want to keep the contents of the box from Bo, they are scared of the power it may contain. Oh, and it was something that Bo sent it to herself while she was off in Locomotive-ville! Kenzi ends up finding the box and brings it to Bo at the end of the episode. Bo opens it, and it contains a bottle with something dark inside. What the heck could it be?

Fae-vourite Lines:

Vex: "Come now. Come to Team Vex, where ye shall be judged most worthy of Bo's box."

Dyson: "Drunken surgery. I'll be the nurse."

Trick: "You're my granubus, my succudaughter."

Kenzi: "Came to stuff my stocking with your yule log once again, stud?"

Random Thoughts:

  • Did Bo's car wash melt your ice cream, too?
  • We finally have a bit of intel on The Wanderer courtesy of Tam -- he's evil, and not the kind of person you say no to. How much longer until we meet him?
  • For the first time, a seed of doubt has been planted in my mind regarding The Wanderer. I always thought that he was most likely Bo's dad. In this episode, Tam says The Wanderer would have done anything to "create his ideal mate." Was that what he was doing with Bo on the train? And was her pledging fealty to the Dark Fae part of that plan?
  • Quick, someone get on making a GIF of Lauren and Dyson as Wonder Twins Jayna and Zan ... with Vex as simian sidekick, Gleek!

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