01/18/2015 10:07 EST | Updated 03/20/2015 05:59 EDT

Beauty Trends, Tips and Tricks for 2015

Another year, another trending colour pallette! Brittany Wielgosz, beauty veteran and founder of Luxe Glow, shares insider secrets on what we can expect to see gracing faces this year, along with tips and tricks on how to achieve the hottest looks:

Coconut Oil -- There are so many ways to utilize this nutrient-rich ingredient in your beauty routine. My favourite is to use it as a conditioner once per month so the fatty acids can nourish and moisturize my scalp and hair -- and also to shave my legs!

Vitamin C -- We all know the benefits of ingesting of Vitamin C, but I love to use it on my skin, too! Every morning, I add DNA skin Vitamin C powder to my Optimera day cream and it leaves my skin with a radiant glow.

Primer -- To achieve fuller coverage, add primer to your foundation. This maintains the coverage but prevents it from the cakey look we all aim to avoid.

Change Your Face Shape - Contouring is back! After the 80s, the beauty industry has eased back into this technique by keeping it natural. There is no better way change your face shape or make it appear slimmer than by contouring and highlighting.

Wing Liner -- This technique can be difficult to master, but by using a piece of scotch tape to guide your line -- you can create the edge to have a perfect wing.

Red Lips -- The best way to make red lips last is to start with a cream foundation on and around your lip. Add a bit of powder; then fill in your lips with a red lip pencil. Then, add the lipstick and blot it, powder again, and reapply your lipstick. This will help prevent it from bleeding and act like a stain so minimal touchups are required.

Curling Your Lashes -- My favourite technique is using waterproof mascara. After the first coat dries, gently use the lash curler then apply 1-2 more coats, using a disposable mascara wand between coats to avoid clumping. Waterproof helps hold the curl all night, and the little bit that doesn't wash out helps the curling process the following day.

Day To Night -- Even as a makeup artist, I don't carry every product around in my purse. If I need to change my look from day to night and freshen up -- I make sure I'm always armed with a few essentials. I carry a small pack of blotting tissues to soak up any excess oil; Urban Decay's blotting powder to completely mattify my skin; a dark shade of lipstick; a black or dark brown eyeliner pencil to smudge the top lash line to create a dramatic but romantic look; then just add one more coat of mascara and voila!

Chapstick -- A great way to add some radiance to your skin when you're tired and only half way through your day! Use a dab of chapstick on the tops of your cheekbones as a highlighter. Dabbing a neutral lip gloss on your Cupid's bow will also work wonders, too.

False lashes -- On days it's difficult to apply a false eyelash strip to your lash line, a great trick is to cut the strip into 2-4 pieces and apply separately to achieve the same look.

Eye Drama -- To make your mascara appear more dramatic, use a black eyeliner pencil on the top rims of your eyelids (just under your lashes). People often line their bottom rim, but the top makes a huge difference!

Dark Circles -- If you don't have time for tea bags or cucumbers, the best way to deal with dark circles is using Preparation H. Get over the taboo -- everyone does it, and it's a makeup artists biggest secret!

After a decade working in the industry, Brittany Wielgosz has secured a spot as a leader in natural cosmetic treatments. As founder of Luxe Glow - a luxury spa studio in Toronto - Brittany knows how to make feeling beautiful in your own skin achievable for women and men.


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