11/19/2013 09:41 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Let's Stop the Glorification of Busy

Wake up in the morning, hit snooze...about four times. Dash out of bed, shower, sing, check Facebook, maybe Twitter, feed the dog (or kids), find something to wear (matching socks where are you??) and head out the door. "Shit, I forgot to eat breakfast, I'll just grab something at drive-thru when I grab my coffee," you tell yourself. Whatever, you're busy. You've got enough on your plate. People don't understand how it is to juggle the job you have, the responsibilities, the kids, career, etc. Trust me I get it. I will be bounced around from patient files, online programs, media appearances, corporate talks, taking the dog out, making sure my partner doesn't feel neglected, preparing for my upcoming TED talk...did I miss anything?

But here's the thing...

We need to stop the glorification of busy.

I'm not saying this because I have zero empathy for your situation. Rather, I'm saying this because it's true: everyone is busy. And for some reason this frequent complaint has seemed to become status quo where being busy (or even tired for that fact) is the thing to be and truthfully I find it sad and a poor excuse. The thing is we prioritize what we value most. So saying that you don't have time to eat well, meditate or workout is simply because you just don't value it enough to make it a priority.

But here's another thing...

You have to see how it serves within what you currently value. Here are just some examples:

Going out with friends & finding the one

If going out and looking great to potentially find the one, then listen up. Eating well, meditating and exercising will make you more attractive, have that je ne sais quoi sparkly aspect than if you didn't at all. You'll look fit, feel more energized and have a magnetic quality that it'll be hard not to attract the one. In fact, you'll be downright irresistible.

Your children

For all you mommas out there, I'm sure you adore your children and that your value is that you want the best for them. So think of it this way, by eating well and making time to exercise, you'll be serving that value by setting a healthy example for them. They'll do better in school and run less chances of developing hormone-related issues from eating poorly.

And get this: ever grow up in a yelling household? You end up living your life thinking that raising your voice is a way to be heard. So by adding in stress management techniques like meditation and yoga (and seriously, just give it a shot) you'll become less reactive. This will become especially useful when they're acting out and will also teach them how deal with difficult times. Trust me when I say that energy is infectious.

Your career

Maybe you want that promotion so bad you can taste it and you've been burning the midnight oil just to get it. You've sacrificed everything for your career, including yourself. Why: because your career is at the top of your values. But here's the thing, by taking care of yourself, you'll also be fuelling your career. Simply put, burn yourself out and there is no career.

In the meantime, try this out for a week: stop saying, "I'm so busy" or "I'm so tired." Because truth is, so is everyone else. Yes life is busy, but we need to stop comparing our busy to someone else's as though our busy is more important than theirs. Instead, by carving out time (which we all have) for ourselves, we can make huge strides for the other aspects of our lives that we've overcompensated for and which have drained us.

So stop the glorification of busy. Get up an hour early if you have to, make lists for yourself, reorganize, meditate for even five minutes a day and set aside a selfie day for you. In other words, take life by the (lady) balls.

Now go get unbusy...

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