02/12/2015 12:03 EST | Updated 04/14/2015 05:59 EDT

How to Shop for the Best Probiotic

If you've ever felt confused, frustrated and even overwhelmed at the thought of buying the best probiotic, you're not alone. I'll be honest with you, even I've been perplexed when trying to buy one, so I decided to do a ton of research on the subject to dispel some of the myths and facts -- many of which will surprise you.

You see with all the research coming out about how vital probiotics really are to our health, it's hard to ignore the little suckers. Yes, they're great if you struggle with digestive issues, but we're hearing more and more about how they're indicated for weight loss to emotional stability (think depression and anxiety specifically). In fact a 2010 study coming out of McMaster University had found that when there was an absence of friendly bacteria in the gut, that our stress hormones actually rise!

So if you're stressed, then taking a probiotic on the regular is crucial.

And while fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi are great ways to get good bacteria into the gut, they certainly do not provide a high enough dose like a probiotic can.

So I bet you're wondering:

But what about the ones that aren't refrigerated?

How about potency? I mean the higher the potency, the better right?

And I want multiple strains in a bottle? Those are better, right?

Yup, these are all major points of confusion and I'm clearing it all up, because the feelings of overwhelm that you're grappling with are not uncommon. So if you're purchasing a probiotic not knowing how to buy one you could very well be throwing money down the drain (and truthfully, most people are).

It is the one supplement I will never cut corners on, because a good one makes a difference. In fact I remember when I was vacationing in Brazil and my ex decided to slack on taking the probiotic I had brought. One day we ate out of the same pot on the beach and he had probably the worst food poisoning when I was fine. To me, that was proof enough.

Check out the video above for my tips on buying the best probiotic for you.

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