12/01/2012 04:25 EST | Updated 01/31/2013 05:12 EST

It's Time for a Little Shit Talk


Slipping out of bed before he wakes up, you'd tip toe to the bathroom hoping he wouldn't hear you. Closing the door gently, you'd pull down your pants and take a seat. You think:

Maybe I should run the faucet so he won't hear me. But wait, if I do, he might wake up at the sound.

And there it was, the pre-poop morning toots that you pray come out as a whisper but you know might very well come out as a BAHOOGA. You pray that your morning present doesn't KAPLUNK in the toilet and that the smell isn't atrocious. God forbid he finds out you shit and you're human.

And it isn't just the morning that you grapple with. It's the fact that lately you've been bloated and have been squeezing your butt cheeks so hard together because you might let out a fart that could kill a small village. You don't understand. It happens no matter what you eat, but you feel gross and tired. It's time for a little shit talk.

In the past I struggled with digestive issues. I've gone for days without dumping a good one, struggled for 15 minutes to let out a disappointing kibble drop and I've had the urgent calls for action. My skin was a mess, I was exhausted and my joints started to ache. I struggled for years to drop weight and realized that once my digestive system healed, suddenly the weight melted off.

And a large part about digestion is reducing the allergenic load that creates an inflammatory response. When we eat foods that don't agree with our system we have a hard time controlling our bowel response and our emotions. Suddenly we're short-fused and the toilet seat being left up is enough to have an all out war as we slam it back down with thunder. Or we're left with moments of depression and not sure why. We need reassurance and discuss the complicated matters to friends, the rolling eyes of our partners and write cryptic messages on Facebook. Have we become crazy?

No. Look no further because the answer is in your poop.

The digestive system is one of the most under-rated parts we have. It's related to everything and I urge you to consider adding it to your body transformation list for the New Year. In fact, I urge you to start with it. It is the corner stone of our health where Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic philosophers had believed that all diseases began from poor gut health.

People ask me:

"How is your hair so shiny?"

"You're 34? Wow I would have pegged you for 28." (Bless their sweet heart and face)

"How is your complexion so clear?"

My one answer, I take care of my digestive pipes and I'm careful what I put in it. The secret to feeling sexy from the inside out begins with proper digestive health which is why that's where I start ALL of my patients.

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