09/05/2013 05:54 EDT | Updated 11/04/2013 05:12 EST

Don't Believe America's Lies About Syria

The U.S. Government is threatening to attack Syria based on the most ridiculous premises since the start of the Iraq war. Remember the aluminum tubes and the biological weapons truck cited by Colin Powell? This time, the Secretary of State John Kerry cites 'traces of the nerve gas 'sarin'. The Senate hearings on Syria have been ridiculed by late night comedy shows and rightly so, given that Senator McCain was caught playing poker on his phone during the session.

I find it grossly hypocritical for a country who has killed hundreds of thousands of people in Vietnam, Korea or Iraq and has used napalm-filled bombs (still owns stockpiles) to manifest such outrage at the 'alleged' small-scale (in comparison) chemical attack in Damascus. Not to mention aiding Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons to use against Iran, a country subjected to a coup orchestrated by CIA. This time around other governments, including the staunchest ally U.K. have backed out from the prospect of yet another 'coalition of the willing', leaving the U.S. Government isolated.

Bashar al-Assad is a well educated man, very different from Saddam or Gaddafi. Given the fact that the Western powers have declared all along the two years of civil war in Syria that the use of chemical weapons would not be tolerated, I do not believe that al-Assad would have ordered the use of such weapons. History has taught us that governments who want war can resort to staging a pretext -- remember the justification given for Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland: an unbelievable Polish border soldiers' attack, in fact German soldiers dressed up in Polish uniforms.

What drives this desire of the U.S. Government to start wars, with or without proper justification? How come that the Republicans and Democrats, fierce rivals on so many other issues, always come to an agreement on waging wars? The answer is quite simple: follow the money! Here's my take on where I see the money trail going -- feel free to try your own.

The military industrial complex needs wars in order to move their merchandise and make room for new and improved weapons. It is a well-oiled machine that cannot stop and re-start when a war begins. If there's no war threatening the U.S., then wars must be invented elsewhere in order to secure the enormous funds that fuel this industrial complex and provide an opportunity for live tests. The rich and powerful lobby groups representing the military contractors are major donors for many of the Senators and Congressmen, Republicans and Democrats alike. Political cash has no colour. When it comes to Middle East, the interests of the military lobby collude with the interests of another rich and powerful lobby group: the oil industry. The CIA files recently declassified reveal the fact that the coup orchestrated in Iran in 1953 was driven by oil interests (British Petroleum).

Given the long history of covert operations, lies, misleading and misinformation, do you believe what the U.S. Government says in regards to Middle East affairs?

Syria War In August (Warning: Graphic Images)