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3 Keys To A Successful Podcast

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Listed below are three easy and effective tips that will help your podcast grow.

1. iTunes Is A Search Engine

Since starting EPLpod, I've had many listeners tweet to me about starting their own football podcast. The first question they seem to ask me is, "What do you think of this name?" Then they tell me the name and I either shudder because it's something truly dreadful like Just Two Crazy Footballing Lovin' Hooligans or I'm left scratching my head because the proposed titled is so vague and unclear.

Having a super cool name doesn't matter. Like Google, iTunes is a search engine. Unless you're Malcolm Gladwell or already have a massive social media following, you need your show to be indexed properly.

EPLpod is what we call the show for Twitter handle and domain purposes, but it's actually listed as English Premier League podcast in iTunes. Highly unimaginative and unoriginal, sure, but search 'English Premier League' in iTunes and it's the first thing that shows up. That's not a humblebrag, that's a stone cold fact. There is additional opportunity to include searchable terms in the show description as well.


2. Keep Your Social Media Limited

I know this sounds contrary to what most social media gurus say, but if you're doing a podcast, the focus of your energy should be on the quality of your podcast.

Make your show as fun and entertaining as possible, then pick one social media platform and do that as well as possible. It makes no sense for your podcast to be on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al, if you let those channels gather dust. Social media has to be platform specific. Repurposing something that did well on Facebook and using it on Twitter doesn't often work.

For EPLpod, we chose Twitter as our social media channel of preference. Most football Twitter handles pump out stats, clips, gifs, etc, so we generally don't try to focus on that side. Instead, we leverage Twitter almost exclusively as a means to interact with our listeners and use their input on the show. We'll even call out their handles to rag on them for their team allegiance, unless of course they support God's team, Manchester United.


3. Be Consistent

The Night Vale guys release a podcast every two weeks. Marc Maron kicks out two episodes each week. Dan Savage's show comes out weekly.

The frequency can vary, but the schedule remains consistent. If you start to miss your scheduled releases dates, it's unlikely people will stay with you. It's sort of like making plans with a friend to grab gelato on a hot summer's day and not showing up. It's a dick move.

Whether you like it or not, you're listeners develop a relationship with you and expect you to be reliable. You might be in their ears as they're going for a run, driving to work, to going through a soul-crushing divorce.

That's it. Let us know what you think about tweeting to us @eplpod.

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