08/13/2013 04:46 EDT | Updated 10/13/2013 05:12 EDT

A Balanced Life

Flux to fix

If I could describe my life in the last five years, I would say I was in a state of "flux." Things were completely unbalanced. From watching my dad deteriorate as he lost his brave fight with cancer, then losing my grandmother in the same year, to being dragged into a law suit with family over my dad's estate...things were quite sad and not very fun. But on the flip side -- the positive side, there were so many great things happening in my life -- I got married to the best guy in the world, we bought our first house and we had a beautiful baby boy. All the while, I had to wear so many different hats, especially as a woman. From wife, mother, sister, daughter...and career woman/entrepreneur among other things! Having emerged from this season, I came to the realization that as we continue our journey through life we need to find "our balance." Balance or being centered lends itself to some many things...positivity, happiness, health, creativity, authenticity to name a few. I emulate those people who seem to have balance like the Dalai Lama who always has a smile on his face while continually exuding joy. The Dalai Lama as a man of goodness. Oprah Winfrey is another person that I strongly respect for her optimistic outlook and steadiness. Here is a woman who was faced with hardship and abuse as a child, and then decided instead to take the high road. Oprah took her tumultuous childhood in stride, worked hard to build her empire, but always remembers and prides herself on giving back. How many people around you lead balanced lives?

The quest to find balance

I am on the continual quest of achieving balance. And through this quest, I hope to learn many lessons that I may be able to share with you so you too can work to find equilibrium. We are faced with may tests and challenges throughout life. Some of them simple and some of them more complex. From trying to pay our mortgage or rent, putting food on the table for our families, and feeling worthy to dealing with illness, death, divorce and taxes. The life/work balance is a daily challenge for all of us. During my travels, I have witnessed that continents beyond North America such as Europe have a better grip on balance. The Italians and Spaniards have it all figured out as they take their siestas during the day. After work, you often find them lounging on a Piazza as they sip a glass with their families. We as North Americans need to take note.

"OK" and a better day

One of the best pieces of advice that I can share is acceptance. Once you recognize the way you are feeling or acknowledge that you are in unfortunate situation, things will already start to get better. It's okay to feel sad or angry or defeated. The most difficult thing to do is accept how you are feeling. Once you recognize your perhaps negative state of being, you just to need look in the mirror and say it's okay. You will feel better. Tomorrow will be a better day...and new day for a new beginning.