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Protest Climate Change in Quebec City on April 11

On April 11th I will be in the streets of Quebec City.

I will be there with thousands of others, from different walks of life, that have come from coast to coast to coast to demand action on climate change.

The warning signs are all around us. From the droughts in California, to the melting of the arctic, to the rise in extreme weather events all over this planet the call for action couldn't be clearer.

Unfortunately our governments aren't getting the message.

While Canada's Federal government continues to deny the problem and delay action, Canada's Premiers, while taking some steps in the right direction, seem ready to green light tar sands pipelines.

The tar sands are the fastest rising source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country and are one of the largest single contributors. Any real climate action must begin by turning down the pipelines and keeping this highly polluting resource in the ground.

Like the science on the need for climate action the science on tar sands expansion is also clear. Scientists in the peer-reviewed journal Nature stated bluntly that 85 per cent of remaining tar sands reserves cannot be developed in order to have a good chance at stabilizing the climate. The International Energy Agency and the UN, echo this call, and have said consistently over 3/4th of all remaining fossil fuel reserves simply need to stay in the ground.

What we need to do is clear the only thing that is lacking is the political will to do it.

Powerful interests keep our politicians silent so like historical movements before us we must use people power to break that silence and make our politicians treat this crisis like the crisis that it is.

So on April 11th, I will be in Quebec City to do just that.

I will march, and sing, and laugh with this beautiful movement we have created together, a movement that grows bigger, every day, all around the world.

Together we are changing the world. All around the world solutions are taking root, bonds are being forged, and issues are being weaved together.

We are making history but our timeline to act is short, which is why we need more people to join.

The road to climate justice has many steps. The next one is in Quebec City I hope to see you there.

April 11th, Quebec City:

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