09/17/2012 05:04 EDT | Updated 11/17/2012 05:12 EST

Believe Unborn Children Aren't Animals? Vote Motion 312

GERMANY - AUGUST 31: Feature: Baby from the test tube, artificial insemination, Our picture shows a baby doll in a test tube. (Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)
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GERMANY - AUGUST 31: Feature: Baby from the test tube, artificial insemination, Our picture shows a baby doll in a test tube. (Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)

You can't talk about Motion 312 without people making the connection to abortion. Of course they do. Motion 312 proposes that Parliament evaluate a section of the Criminal Code of Canada that currently defines unborn children as non-human beings, it also opens the door to the possibility of changing the criminal code.

I became involved with the movement to support Motion 312 as soon as I realized what it was about. I, like most Canadians had no idea how our unborn children were treated by our criminal code. I was aware that abortion was completely legal and tax-funded here in Canada, but the whole situation had never been clear.

Chances are, you know about as much as I did at the beginning of 2012, so let me explain it to you just a bit. Our unborn children in Canada have NO legal protections -- none. That means that women willingly submitting themselves to the hands of abortionists is just the tip of the iceberg.

Unborn children in Canada can be legally disposed of by anyone and by any method, even a pellet gun as in the 1996 case of Brenda Drummond who was not charged for shooting her child in utero, rather for concealing the fact after the child was born alive which made it take longer for the doctors to learn of the pellet embedded in the child's head, which endangered the life of someone who was now legally human.

If Drummond had been successful in killing her unborn child she could not have been charged with any crime against the child. However our criminal code opens up the doors too far -- far more terrifying scenarios than even this.

You see, when I say that the criminal code of Canada offers no protection to the unborn, I mean that. The criminal code doesn't say that if a child is unwanted or if the child is a risk to the mother's health or anything else, that the child is not protected as a human being. No, it only says that an unborn child becomes a human being when it has fully proceeded in a living state from the body of its mother.

Until Canada's criminal code is changed, every Canadian family's unborn child is at risk. I'm not paranoid that Canada's government, or any other individual, could initiate a plan to introduce abortifacient drugs into the water supply any time soon. But, it would be completely legal according to our criminal code.

I'm not kidding. As long as no one is hurting the legally-human-being-mother they can get away with anything that would take the life of the unborn. Quite honestly, even if someone does harm the mother, they may get charged for that part of the crime, but they could never be charged for harming the unborn. Unborn children have less protection than animals under the Criminal Code of Canada. They are treated like dirt, literally.

That is why I launched Our goal is to reach as many Canadians as possible before the vote on September 26, and to inform them of the truth. I firmly believe that if Canadians understood the state of their own criminal code they would be disgusted. Sure, there are loud abortion advocates out there who hate Motion 312, but most of the Canadians I know love their children, even before they are born!

If they knew their own children were treated with such disregard and carelessness they would speak up. PASS312 provides everything a person needs to get informed and to contact their MP as well as Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking them to at least have the discussion called for by Motion 312.