07/07/2012 06:32 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 05:12 EDT

Great Summer Reads for Kids (and a Few For Mom!)

Summer's here and moms and kids alike are on a quest to find a great summer read. So with that in mind, our editors, writers and savvy storytellers have shared the novels they love, and the books their kids adore. Here's a taste of what they chose.

The House at Riverton (Kate Morton)


Who picked it: Jan, Food Editor at Savvy HQ

Why she likes it: Because you get your Downton Abbey fix while it's on hiatus. Aristocracy, family and a mysterious death told through flashbacks by a woman who witnessed everything but kept it all a secret -- until now.

What Alice Forgot (Liane Moriarty)


Who picked it: Minnow, Editor & Chief Curator at Savvy HQ

Why she likes it: Because you can relate if you've ever asked, 'How did I get here?' Alice comes to on the floor of a gym, only to realize she's 39 not 29, has three kids and is getting divorced. She now has to reconstruct the events of a lost decade.

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Camping (Nancy Hundal)


Who picked it: Susannah, Savvy Storyteller from

Why she likes it: Because nature should be cherished. A family learns to spend time with each other doing something different this summer.

Dino-Baseball (Lisa Wheeler)


Who picked it: Rebecca, Savvy Storyteller from

Why she likes it: Because it's the scariest sport of the season. Will the carnivores or the herbivores win?

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