09/26/2012 05:17 EDT | Updated 01/04/2013 02:50 EST

Savvy Internet Safety Tips for Kids


There may be a screen between your family and the online world, but that doesn't mean everyone is protected. Make sure the kids are safe and secure online with these Internet Safety Tips.


Be Anonymous

Since you can barely remember your own login names and passwords for a multitude of sites, it's tempting to keep your kids' simple -- especially for programs you feel are "safe." Don't. A little gender-neutral anonymity goes a long way in keeping little kids secure.


Improve Your Communication

Kytephone (for Android phone users only) acts as a parental-control program for your phone. You know, the one you let kids play with while waiting for the dentist and then your calendar completely disappears? Offering dozens of ways to make your phone a kid-friendly interface while limiting access to certain apps and other phone options, it also turns your phone into a mobile GPS allowing you to track your child's location when they are in the care of others.


Go With It

It's not all a big bad world out there in the online universe. Think of the benefits -- Skype, Facetime, PhotoBooth, YouTube videos of a sneezing baby panda (146 million views and counting), not to mention reviewing great sport plays and learning about other cultures. Don't just give them fear about the fallout of poor online choices, focus on the benefits of bringing the world together.

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