07/26/2012 05:57 EDT | Updated 09/25/2012 05:12 EDT

Party Like a (Savvy) Champion

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We've got an idea that's worthy of a gold medal -- and we're sure your little athletes will agree. When it comes to the next birthday party in your household, place first on the podium by throwing a party like a champion.


Small swimmers will dive right into this team Canada strawberries and cream cake, and you won't be able to blame the partiers if they go back for seconds of these torch cupcakes with fiery flames. Do you crave sushi for takeout dinner but know that just won't fly with the kids? Here's the next best thing: candy sushi straight from Japan.


Your group of gymnasts will flip for these colourful fruity salad rings. And be warned -- there's no going back after biting into this bangers and mash on a stick snack. For the main course, feed them Chinese cold noodle salad and a self-serve French cheese plate -- both are top rate. For a sweet drink, pass around these Italian sodas that surely will be gulped right down.

To qualify as a winning birthday party, the decor is key to score. Get inspired by the rings known worldwide. Add some flags, medals and signs, and the judges will give you all tens.

It's all about the games. Open them with an international neighbourhood parade. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, so kids will love to play the torch relay. And everyone's a winner when they get to make a medal.

Once kids see the loot, they'll be cycling around until you pass it out. Before everyone leaves, have the them do some laps wearing these cute swimmer props that will give you the perfect photo ops. And these Canadian tees will definitely bring out the spirit of the games.

London may be hosting the real games, but the party you host will be the next best thing.

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