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Being A Hockey Mom Is Tough But Totally Worth It

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Mother and son standing outdoors with winter sports gear

Unfortunately there are officially no Canadian NHL teams in the playoffs this season. But that doesn't mean children across Canada didn't have a great time playing our national sport. And hey, there's always next year.

Here are six things I learned from being a hockey mom.

1. Anything can become a hockey stick and puck

During hockey season, as long as an item is long and thin your child may use it in place of a hockey stick. A broom will work just fine. A puck can be anything smallish. Furry cat toys work. Expect objects to go whizzing by you for no reason. Hide your breakables and take cover.

2. It's important to know your terms

Hockey terms are important so you can appear to know what you are talking about around other hockey parents and, of course, to impress your hockey-loving offspring.

Know the difference between a shootout and a shutout. No, they are not the same. And yes, it matters.

Shootout: If the game is still tied after five minutes of overtime, each team picks three shooters that individually try to score. This continues until each team has taken the same number of shots and one team scores. It's nerve wracking, to say the least.

Shutout: A goalie that successfully stops the other team from scoring the entire game. It's very cool.

Hat trick: Nothing to do with Halloween or magic shows. It's when a player scores three goals in a single game. It's exciting, especially when it's your kid. Traditionally people throw their hats on the ice when it happens.

Breakaway: When a player has the puck and skates alone towards the goaltender, they are on a breakaway from the other players with a clear path to the goal. It's a fun move to do at home without skates and adds excitement to laundry and taking out the garbage.

3. Always pay attention

If your child scores a goal and you were talking to another mom or checking your Facebook status on your iPhone when it happened, pretend you saw the goal anyhow. TRUST ME. Smile and wave. Everything will be OK.

4. Be prepared

Just like playing the guitar, you will get blisters from tightening your kids skates. A mom recently told me about skate lace tighteners. I am totally buying one next season. Also get a hockey bag on wheels. They are crazy heavy.

5. Start saving for hockey cards

You will know the name and stats of each player on the Toronto Maple Leafs (nsert home team) because your child has memorized everything on the cards and repeats it back constantly. Start saving your money now, hockey cards are expensive. Consider getting a second job.

6. It's all worth it

You will proudly scream out in joyful happiness and elation when your child scores a goal and you actually see it happen. There will be lots of hugs and high fives among the teammates. You might want to cry because you are so proud -- but resist the urge, because it will seriously embarrass your kid. But when you get home you can do a happy dance because you know in your heart being a hockey mom is all worth it.

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