02/26/2013 11:40 EST | Updated 04/28/2013 05:12 EDT

The Politically Correct Have Seth All Over Their Faces

The verdict is in from the group that really counts. The all-powerful and all-seeing Neilsen ratings.

Seth MacFarlane was a huge hit. This was the most watched Oscars show in four years.

As reported by Douglas Cooper in the Huff Post, "The Grouches Reviewing the Oscars"

"The show drew an average audience of 40.3 million viewers, up about 3 percent from 39.3 million viewers last year, according to the Nielsen ratings service. The audience among those between the ages of 18 and 34 grew 20 percent, to post an 11.3 rating, compared to 9.4 last year, when Billy Crystal was the host."

Like the above writer Cooper, I trolled many online entertainment sites, whose writers and reviewers had vilified MacFarlane.

Paradoxically, the majority of comments to these anti-Seth rants, were extremely positive. People loved his humour. They admitted to watching the Oscar show for the first time in years. They thought most of the jokes were hilarious. And even those that misfired, were worthy efforts. And I am just not talking about horny 19 year old guys who love boobs and side boobs.

Many feminists applauded MacFarlane's efforts. Some even thought his opening "Boob" routine was too tame. One feminist applauded the fact that Seth went after everyone. Hollywood stars, blacks, Jews, gays, Kardashians, Rihanna/Brown.

Face it. The Oscars ceremony is a stuffy affair. The ghosts of Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra still prevail. In the Bob Hope 60s, it was politically correct to be in favour of the Vietnam War. Nowadays, it is politically correct in Hollywood and in America, not to make fun of: Aging starlets who enhance their breasts. Black performers who engage in domestic violence. Jews in the film business. Presidential icons, both past and present. Hollywood male stars past their prime. The growing LGBT culture.

We need comics and satirists like Seth MacFarlane to push the boundaries. To be courageous and devastatingly politically incorrect. So as to force us to look at ourselves and make fun of ourselves. And to sometimes deal with controversial issues and topics, which should not be protected by political correctness.

Seth MacFarlane rocked on Oscar night. His politically correct critics have been publicly embarrassed. The free market of biting, offensive humour has prevailed. The freedom to be a smart ass has prevailed. Seth's critics on the right and left should be grateful. America still loves Seth. So I guess America is not Tehran, yet.