08/16/2012 07:11 EDT | Updated 10/16/2012 05:12 EDT

Have You Seen This Stamp Of Approval Around Calgary?

The City of Calgary

Have you seen this stamp around town? At a Ctrain station, at Southland Leisure Centre, on a food truck, on

Since I became mayor, I've worked hard to make transforming government --a culture of constant improvement -- a priority at the City of Calgary. With every tangible change that makes life better for Calgarians, you're seeing transforming government in action.

And the stamp is one way of pointing out some of those changes around town.

For example, Calgary Transit's upgraded ticket machines put citizens first by finally giving change and taking credit and debit. The introduction of the new Connect card later this year will be another major improvement on how Calgarians and visitors use our public transit system.

Likewise, the Our City. Our Budget. Our Future. citizen engagement program was a major change to how the city of Calgary prepares its budget and business plans. Instead of surprising Calgarians with a budget and then asking for feedback, we turned the process on its head to get input from citizens well before city council and administration put pen to paper. Now we have a budget that truly reflects Calgarians and we're continuing to check in with Calgarians annually to see if we're on the right track.

Another great example is the Going Green Initiatives happening at the Southland Leisure Centre. By using innovative technologies and practices, City of Calgary Recreation is reducing operating costs and environmental impact at the same time. Greener technologies here are showing all of us how we can build more sustainable community places and spaces that are still great recreation facilities for all of us.


There are many more examples of Transforming Government happening at the City of Calgary, so keep your eyes peeled for this stamp as you go around town. You're likely to see a lot more of it as we continue to make Calgary a better place to live, work, and play.