10/03/2011 01:35 EDT | Updated 12/03/2011 05:12 EST

Will it Go Viral?

While all of you are out there mainlining on overpriced bar rails on Saturday night or sleeping the damage off on Sunday, I'm mining the net looking for content for the next episode of Nat & Marie. Because of the timing of the show, a lot of the stellar finds that we could use for segments like #WillItGoViral have already gone viral by Wednesday. So instead of overlooking those finds, or just sharing them with our private social networks, I've decided to put it to good use and post the best of the weekend's videos here for all of you to enjoy on a Monday.

So I present to you the first instalment of "Will it Go Viral? The Weekend Edition." For your entertainment, we have kids doing hilarious things, cats doing unexpected things and Russia... doing what it does best -- blow our minds.

1. Son's reaction to Empire Strikes Back reveal.

By the look on this kid's face you would have thought Darth hooked up with Aunt Beru! That's a Star Wars joke if you didn't get that.

2. Бременские музыканты. Наши дни. (Trans: The Bremen Town Musicians. Today)

Wow, these guys sure listened when they were told to take their act "on the road."

From what I can tell from the video description, this motorcycle was constructed in Moscow by Alexander Ishutin who apparently believes there aren't enough things that are out of the ordinary. Definitely solved that problem, not only in Moscow, but for those of us watching in Canada as well!

3. Kittens activate vacuum monster

Awe, cats, always getting up to mischief!

Bonus Pick: Smack that- ORIGINAL! (Little brother video bombs sister)

This video was uploaded on Sept. 24, 2011, but I didn't come across it until Sunday. It's less then a million views, so it still qualifies to be included under the "Will it Go Viral?" banner. Plus, the girl awkwardly practicing her routine had no idea that her little brother was actually the real star of this video!

That's it for me!

Catch you later,