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Canadian Cruelty-Free Beauty Companies To Discover This Fall

Makeup products to even skin tone and complexion on aged paper. Corrector, loose and compact powders, concealer pencil, liquid foundation with brushes and cosmetic sponges. Retro style processing
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Makeup products to even skin tone and complexion on aged paper. Corrector, loose and compact powders, concealer pencil, liquid foundation with brushes and cosmetic sponges. Retro style processing

Fall is officially here and I believe there's always a sense of a new beginning in the cool air.

If you've been curious about cruelty-free cosmetics, now is the perfect time to try new beauty products and discover your next must-haves. With the increased awareness that Canada still allows the practice of cosmetic animal testing which results in pointless suffering by innocent animals, the following Canadian companies prove that beauty products can be colourful, effective, and cruelty-free.

I provide brief summaries of each company below along with my personal beauty favourites.

Happy cruelty-free beauty shopping!

Lippy Girl Makeup

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia and created by Darcey Diehl, Lippy Girl offers natural and organic makeup products ranging from lipsticks, blushes, powder foundations, and eyeshadows.

The majority of Lippy Girl products are vegan, with the exception of a couple of items that contain beeswax. Lippy Girl recently added a new line of organic and vegan lipsticks called Vego-Maniac which includes five new gorgeous shades in recyclable aluminum packaging.

Not only is this Canadian company certified cruelty-free by Logical Harmony and PETA, Lippy Girl supports the Humane Society International's Be Cruelty-Free Campaign which works towards ending cosmetic animal testing.

My personal favourites from Lippy Girl are the Extra Virgin Lip Gloss for a non-sticky shine, Vegocentric Lipsticks in Surf Betty and Ski Bunny for pretty nudes, and recently the new Vego-Maniac Organic Lipstick in Totes for a pop of bright coral-pink, even in cooler temperatures.

Trust Fund Beauty

Located in Montreal, Quebec and created by Samara Granofsy, Trust Fund Beauty offers nail and makeup products ranging from beautiful nail polishes with creative and snarky names, nail polish removers, liquid lipsticks, and lip glosses.

Their acetone-free nail polish removers are effective and have a pleasant scent because of the mint and orange essential oil blends. Trust Fund Beauty recently added several new shades of their liquid lipsticks, including two ultra dark and rich shades called Man Hunt and Rude Dude.

Also available is a really adorable Puppy Pack that will surely please dog lovers. It includes four dog toys in the shapes of a martini glass, ice cream cone, and two nail polishes, plus it includes the matching nail polishes in the shades Do You Know Who My Father Is? and Rich Bitch. If you would like to try smaller versions of their nail polishes, the different mini sets with six nail polishes is a great option.

Not only does Trust Fund Beauty offer 100% vegan products, but they are certified cruelty-free by Logical Harmony and Leaping Bunny.

It is important to note that although Trust Fund Beauty is a Canadian company, prices on the website are displayed in U.S. dollars and products are shipped from the U.S. My personal favourites are the mint-scented nail polish remover and the nail polishes Do You Know Who My Father Is?, a pretty light pink and Dirty Rich, a medium mocha shade.

Pelle Beauty

Located in Toronto, Ontario and created by Marnie Cipriani, Pelle Beauty offers natural, luxurious, and artisanal skincare products ranging from facial serums and balms, blemish and aroma oils, cleansers and mists, lip balms, and perfumes.

Known for highly concentrated and waterless formulas, Pelle Beauty products are created in small batches which ensures the use of the finest natural ingredients. Pelle Beauty has recently added new products to their skincare line; a Face+Body Balm, Beauty Mask, and a Cleansing Oil+Makeup Remover. Also available is a Cleanse+Hydrate Kit which includes all three of the recently launched products and the extremely soft Shoo-Foo washcloths.

All of Pelle Beauty products are 100% vegan and certified cruelty-free by Logical Harmony. My personal favourites are the Vegan Lip Balm, Luxe Beauty Oil, and Luxe Beauty Balm. Both Luxe products keep your complexion glowing and are effective in adding moisture and eliminating dryness.

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Located in Calgary, Alberta and created by sisters, Neige and Pippa Blair, Routine offers natural cream deodorants in three formulas and various scents. Routine prides itself on creating effective deodorants that don't cause harm to the body by only using natural and clean ingredients.

Routine recently launched The Curator, a new deodorant formula made without baking soda for extra-sensitive skin. They also made available a sample kit of all their deodorants, which is really great way to try Routine products and to find your favourite formula and scent. Routine is certified cruelty-free by Logical Harmony and offers three scents in their vegan formula; Sexy Sadie, Johnny's Cash, and Lucy In The Sky.

My personal favourite is Sexy Sadie, not only because there's a bird on it, but for its effectiveness and ylang ylang scent.

I would love to hear if you've tried any of the products mentioned and which products you're curious about -- Let's talk cruelty-free beauty below!

Visit Humane Society International to learn more about the Be Cruelty-Free Canada campaign to ban cosmetic animal testing in Canada.

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