03/28/2014 11:30 EDT | Updated 05/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Where You Can Buy an Affordable House in Toronto

With home prices skyrocketing in recent months, many home buyers are wondering if they will ever be able to afford a house in Toronto. In many desirable neighbourhoods, prices have already increased beyond what most people can afford. However, there are still some pockets in Toronto where value can be found. Here are 3 places to look for an affordable home in Toronto:


This area, which is along St. Clair Ave W between Keele St and Jane St is home to one of the few big box store complexes in Toronto, including a brand new Target location. It has good transit access via the St. Clair streetcar, and is within walking distance of the popular Junction and Bloor West Village neighbourhoods. Part of the allure is that most of the houses in this area are on very quiet streets with only local traffic. This is a great spot for a young family, as almost everything they need can be found just steps away.

Vaughan Road

Vaughan Road runs northwest between Bathurst St and Oakwood Ave. This neighbourhood has a lot to like - proximity to downtown, transit access, and good-sized homes on decent sized lots. This is a place where you can still own a detached house with a backyard for under $600,000. There is an influx of young families moving to this area, and the population is rapidly changing. It also borders on Forest Hill, and the popularity and high prices there will eventually flow over to its neighbours.


This neighbourhood along Lake Shore Blvd W between Parklawn Rd and Islington Ave is a bit more expensive that the other places mentioned above, but it has perhaps the most to offer. Houses in Mimico are often fully detached and have huge lot sizes and a true neighbourhood feel. Lake Shore Blvd W is also quickly improving, and many of the dollar stores and money lending shops are turning into local bakeries and coffee shops. Transit is also easy to access as a streetcar can take you straight downtown, and there is a Go Station as well. Something many people don't realize is that Mimico is actually only slightly further from the downtown core than the much more established Beaches neighbourhood. Mimico offers great waterfront parks and trails for a much lower price that the Beaches.

The truth about houses in Toronto is that demand has outstripped supply, and house prices are going up every single day. While the days of finding a hidden gem for an incredibly low price are long gone, these are some neighbourhoods that are priced reasonably and have great long term potential.


  • The Giant Loblaws At The Former Maple Leaf Gardens Is Both Amazing And Overwhelming
    Either you love how this grocery store has every single item you didn't know you were looking for...or you're overwhelmed by the idea of an LCBO/Joe Fresh/grocery store/giant cheese wall in one location.
  • Everything At Lahore Tikka House Tastes Amazing
    Arti Patel
    Even if it feels incredibly wasteful eating off Styrofoam plates and using plastic utensils.
  • After A Clubbing Night, Burrito Boyz At 4 a.m. Is Always The Right Answer
    If not, a nearby hot dog vendor or Smoke's poutine dish works as well.
  • The Village By The Grange Food Court Is The Best Food Court In The City
    Located right across from the AGO and OCAD, you can find everything from sweet potato burritos to vegan noodle dishes to meaty-stuffed steamed baos.
  • Good Hakka Food In Downtown Toronto Doesn't Exist
    For the real Indian-Chinese fusion deal, you go to Scarborough or Mississauga for the best manchurian balls, hakka fried noodles and every other greasy dish your stomach can handle. Some of the best Indian and Chinese food in general can also be found in 'Sauga and Scartown.
  • Our Street Meat Isn't The Best ... But We Won't Complain
    Flickr:mayeesherr. (in West Bengal!)
    After all, they're basically the only consistent food trucks around.
  • You Will Wait In Line To Try Some New Disgusting Food Craze At CNE's Food Building
  • Watching People Wait In Line For Jack Astor's, Pickle Barrel Or Casey's Makes You Cringe
    Unless, of course, you want to meet 15 to 20 people for dinner.
  • Any Plaza In The GTA That Looks Sketchy Usually Has Really Good Food
    Google Maps
    There are a lot of hidden food gems in Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Mississauga and other areas outside of the downtown core we don't like to brag about.
  • Not All Grocery Stores Are Created Equal
    Flickr:marc falardeau
    Some have very little variety, long line-ups and you can never find a place to park your car. Others (we're looking at you, Fiesta Farms) make you forget you're grocery shopping at all.
  • You Will ALWAYS Recognize The Sound Of The Ice Cream Truck
    Flickr:Daniel MacDonald
    And ask for a half-vanilla-half-chocolate ice cream swirl.
  • Speaking Of Trucks, We Also Have Some Of Most Diverse Food Trucks In The Country
    Twitter/Suresh Doss
    And we're all pretty well agreed that we need drop the draconian laws that keep them confined to festivals and just let them FEED US.
  • Peameal Bacon Sandwiches At St. Lawrence Market Are The Best
    THE BEST. And perhaps the best culinary symbol of our city.
  • You Know Exactly What Brand This Is And Where You Can Buy It
  • Brunch Sounds Like A Good Idea ...
    But getting a reservation or a table on busy weekends can get exhausting. (Image from The Black Hoof Cafe which shut down in 2011)
  • Bathurst Station Smells The Best ... And The Jamaican Patties On A Bun Make A Good Breakfast
    Twitter/Kat Chan
    Even at 7:30 a.m. during TTC rush hour.
  • You Love Explaining What Sushi Pizza Is To Other People
    And eating it as well.
  • During The Summertime, Every Neighbourhood Has A Street Festival
    And you go there just to eat the cheap food.
  • Speaking Of Which, Corn On The Cob At Any Festival Tastes Amazing
    With lime, chili, whatever, we'll eat it all!
  • In July, You Convince Your Friends To Go To Mississauga's RibFest
    Which might be the only time all year they go to Mississauga.
  • You Always Feel Like You're Doing Your Body A Huge Health Favour By Eating At Fresh
    Your typical day: Yoga/working out, Fresh, bed.
  • We Celebrate Patio Season Far Too Soon
    Black Bull Tavern
    What's that? It's 8 degrees and sunny at the end of March? You know you won't be able to get a seat on a patio anywhere south of Bloor.
  • When Someone Asks You To Order Pizza ....
    You ask yourself if you have to add the '416' in front of 967-1111 as you sing the tune at the same time.
  • Though If You Want Something Fancy, Toronto Has A Variety Of Pizza Joints As Well
    Thin crust, gluten-free, carnivorous, what have you — we really won't complain about our pizza.
  • You Get Excited When Celebs Go To Toronto Restaurants
  • You Either Love Summerlicious And Winterlicious ... Or You Loudly Proclaim How You Boycott It
  • You're Always On The Hunt For Good Roti
    And basically, people will show allegiance to everything from Queen Street's Gandhi's roti (and the calories that come with it) to several other West Indian, Caribbean or Indian roti joints across the GTA.
  • You'll Never Run Out Of Ideas About Where To Eat
    Flickr:Prayitno/ more than 2 millions views: thank you!
    Toronto has about 7,000 restaurants, according to Toronto Tourism and every single ethnic neighbourhood has at least one tasty dish to offer, so basically, if you can't find somewhere to eat, you aren't trying hard enough.