05/01/2015 12:40 EDT | Updated 05/01/2016 05:12 EDT

Sports4Africa and Starting Over

Hello and welcome to my Huffington Post blog!

I am happy to be blogging once again! Due to computer issues and just being a kid I wasn't able to blog as much and even lost most of the documentary I was working on (I do however have backups of all of the footage I took while in Africa).

I am rebooting my Documentary called "The Kilimanjaro Project" for Arlene Dickinson (the famous Dragon from CBC's The Dragon's Den). The documentary should be out late summer or early fall. I think you will really like as it highlights my journey throughout Tanzania and even includes the new project I am working.

Speaking of "new project". In 2013, when I visited the 3 schools in Dodoma for the Africare Wash Project, one common request from the kids was the lack of sports equipment. I thought maybe we could surprise with some when I get back to Canada!

So when I returned, I spoke with my Vice-Principal Mr. Toner of Father Mercredi High School and we began to fundraise. We asked for a list of items from Africare that the schools needed and then planned to send directly to them. The new equipment was to include net balls, basketballs, soccer balls, pinnies, first aid kits, whistles, stop watches and other various sporting goods.

Now, I decided that all of the money raised will be sent directly to Africare and they can purchase the equipment in Tanzania. This helps to support the local economy and deliver the sporting goods to the three schools on my behalf. I think the kids at the schools will be surprised and I would love to capture that moment on video. Maybe include it in my documentary!

If you know of someone or a company that wants to help please email me at

Nathaniel <(^_^)>