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I was mulling over writing again about the TV medical drama, Remedy -- when it was announced that Remedy has been cancelled
It's a powerful, compelling, exhausting hour -- one that definitely should not be missed. Because the note it ends on only paves the way for loads of drama for the rest of the season. You ready for it? Consider yourself warned.
"Big Brother Canada" Broke The Bank Coming off an exceptionally successful premiere season, "BBCan" Season 2 came back strong
"19-2" isn't a series known for pulling punches, in French Canada or in its English-Canadian remake that debuted earlier
Canada is, literally, one of the most multiracial/multicultural nations in the world. And yet you probably wouldn't get that impression watching a lot of Canadian movies and TV series. When it comes to Canadian film and TV, things have come a long way -- but it can also feel like two steps forward, one step back.
Bravo TV (Canada) has started airing a new cop drama called 19-2. It's an English-Canadian series -- based on a pre-existing French-Canadian series. English-Canadian film and TV producers have long looked to their more successful French-Canada brethren with something akin to pop-culture envy. But I've wondered if the reality is a wee bit more ambiguous than some cultural observers claim.
Sometimes I get screeners with more than just the premiere. When I don't like something or feel like I've just wasted 40 or so minutes of my life, the DVD is quickly ejected from my laptop and I go on with my day. That wasn't the case with "19-2."