3D Printing

Patches, a nine-year-old dachshund, had a fatal brain tumour the size of an orange that grew through her skull.
Attorneys general from nine states and Washington, D.C., are suing the U.S. State Department in an effort to prevent a Texas
Unexpected partnerships with suppliers have sprouted up. All of a sudden aerospace companies are working with teams to fine tune aerodynamics. Defence companies are providing cutting-edge materials for athletes to wear. Information technology companies are mining and analyzing data.
Traditionally known for paper printing, TPH introduced their 3D printing studio last November; intent on embracing modern change and 3D printing accessibility for clients. Taking on the service direction of both B2B and B2C requires the ability to be adaptable as heck, as well as hold an array of the right equipment and design knowledge.
Whatever your view on 3D printing in fashion, one thing’s clear: It’s not slowing down for anyone.
"When I'm composing an image, I'm not really using my eyesight."
TORONTO — Holding a lifelike miniature version of yourself in the palm of your hand is a tad unsettling at first — but once
I teamed up with Diply and Tech Alley of ISP Canada and we took sex-tech to a whole new level that neither of them thought was accessible. We 3D-printed a ribbed for your pleasure (as expected) blue dildo, and time lapsed the whole thing for your viewing entertainment -- because, that's what I do.
While some of us are using the new power of 3D printers to make smartphone cases and chocolate figurines, two engineering students from the University of Toronto are using them to print functional human skin.