90s nostalgia

If it had a gummy-like texture, chances are we considered it fruit.
"Fanny pack. That's a fanny pack. It's always been a fanny pack."
How could you not want the knife that could cut through pop cans in a jiffy? The cleaner that could remove your pesky blood stains? The individual-sized blender that could make muffins, omelettes and margaritas!? Over the years, television has come to see many infomercials that gave avid late-night watchers a reason to never go to bed.
Yes, it's been 25 years since I was an awkward teenager, screaming pop ballads out my car window on the way to my job at K-Mart. Like many people, the songs of my teen years hold a special place in my heart. So this week I'm taking the Delorean to 1990 and remembering what the Top Five Songs were on Billboard's Top 100 chart this week way back when.
12. Phat Farm Sneakers Oh, and yin-yangs too. 14. Visors What. Even. Was. This? 10. One Size Fits All Popcorn Tops We don't
When Our Lady Peace, Sloan and I Mother Earth hit Toronto's Echo Beach stage on Aug. 16 they'll be capping off another edition
With back to school around the corner, but we can easily say kids these days don't know what they're missing out on. As schools
With practically every month now marking the 20th anniversary of yet another “classic” alternative era album -- "In Utero
For some, the 1990s feel as though they were mere minutes ago — a time when the Berlin Wall had just come crumbling down
For millennials, the 1990's were a simpler time — formidable years of YTV, boy bands and Beanie Baby collections. Life is