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China is seen more favourably in some respects.
So-called "bias-based barriers" appear to be coming down.
Quebec voters widely respect Thomas Mulcair but could turn to Justin Trudeau in the next federal election if Liberals stand
Justin Trudeau's decision not to support airstrikes against ISIS has raised questions among Canadians about his judgment
A new poll suggests support for the federal Liberals dipped in the past month, with all signs pointing to a close, three
His critics say Canadians are just attracted to his good looks and sunny disposition, but will abandon him when it comes
It could end up being the central question of the next federal election — is Justin Trudeau in over his head? While Conservatives
More Canadians think Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau would do an excellent job as prime minister than either NDP Leader Tom
The first national poll of 2014 shows Liberals are enjoying a six-point lead over the governing Conservatives. The survey
One of the last polls of 2012 shows the NDP close on the heels of the Conservatives as the Harper government approaches the