Aboriginal Canadians

'Truth and reconciliation begins with truth telling'
"Decolonizing doesn't hurt anybody. It's exactly what everybody needs to do."
Senator Lynn Beyak, a member of the Canadian senate committee on Aboriginal People, was criticized for saying there were some "good things" about residential schools. It's unconscionable to do that, because it defies logic. The impetus for those schools was evil.
Our government has set aside $200-million this year to end discrimination against First Nations children in our child welfare system -- and Budget 2016 committed to increasing that amount for the next five years. Next year we are investing almost $250-million to end discrimination. But putting more money into the existing system simply isn't enough.
"If we do this, and do it right, other cities across Canada, and maybe the world, can take this model on."
"I did not want my daughter to grow up seeing our culture and sacred regalia mocked."
"In the spirit of Halloween, please keep this in mind."
The court aims to restore harmony, rather than just punish.
A local student found the comments and complained to police, the mayor.