aboriginal education

"The problem is the gross underfunding by the federal government."
"I don't think you could deny that our country has an issue with racism."
The commitments are considered one of the central themes of the government's first financial road map.
“We’re at the very front end of a renaissance of indigenous culture here in this province."
Paul Martin is accusing the Harper government of underfunding aboriginal schools and depriving First Nations children of any real chance of success.
In the first keynote address to the Assembly of First Nations annual meeting, Bellegarde said First Nations voters need to
A small First Nations community called Whitecap Dakota, located just outside of Saskatoon, has a lot to celebrate on National Aboriginal Day. When Chief Darcy Bear took office the unemployment rate on reserve was 70 per cent, with the support of his council and community, Chief Bear has brought the unemployment rate down to five per cent.
Others have already debated some assumptions in the Truth and Reconciliation Committee report -- healthy, given that history should never be left to past or present politics. I will deal with popular beliefs about funding for First Nations people in Canada -- something I have some familiarity with having traced such numbers back to the mid-20th century.
George MacMartin was the Ontario commissioner responsible for Treaty 9. (Photo: Michael Bolen/HuffPost Canada) To this day
But such an increase is off the table until the Assembly of First Nations gets behind the Conservative government's controversial