aboriginal issues

The bestselling author and NDP MLA rose to make a powerful statement.
The link is undeniable, sources say.
As the Duke and Duchess toured B.C. and the Yukon over the past week, they heard impassioned speeches and saw protest T-shirts.
The province has promised to investigate.
This group thinks Aboriginal Peoples are getting a free ride with status cards and tax exemptions (limited, and specific) and they want in on it. Do these people not realize that Aboriginal Peoples do pay taxes? If not, it is unlikely they have thought further about the history of cards and tax exemptions.
"We have got to do better."
It's not about nice statements, Blackstock said. "It is real change."
The results show that Canadians still have a long way to go, said Perry Bellegarde of the Assembly of First Nations.
The issue of suicide among aboriginal youth was thrust into the spotlight a week ago.