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The services might not be working quite as they're supposed to.
You can watch the full documentary on VICE.
At a time when it can feel like women's rights are being determined by people who aren't, frankly, affected by them, one
What do you say about someone whose contribution to your life, and the lives of all women, is invaluable? Anti-choice groups nearly always talk about what kind of cancer-curing genius any given fetus might grow up to be, but almost no one talks about what a woman might become if she chose to terminate her pregnancy. Thank you, Doctor Morgentaler.
Performing abortions for women who needed them when the law was not on his side was an act of defiant feminism. For that, and for so much more, Morgentaler is a hero. He and the many other doctors who dared to defy the moral majority saved women's lives. When we honour Morgentaler, we honour the understanding that women are inherently equal to men, that women are the authorities on their bodies and lives, and that a woman's choice is just that -- hers.
There is no justification for aborting a fetus because one simply doesn't like its sex. Unfortunately, however, those who often elect to have abortions based on the sex of the fetus do not do so out of whimsy; rather, their decision is based upon cultural backwardness. These types of abortions do nothing to strengthen cultures. They weaken them, and allow them to continue to operate in a barbarically chauvinistic mindset that might have had its time in the Middle Ages, but today, is absolutely repugnant; especially in Canada.
A lecture by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth came to an abrupt and bizarre end at the University of Waterloo on Wednesday
Here is a true story that never made the headlines. Their marriage was in trouble, harsh words were spoken and now they feel they cannot go back. Her husband leaves. They have one child and now she finds out she is pregnant. With her husband gone and not much family support, the economic presures to the government's free elective abortion are overwhelming. Unless, we the people, say we care, because we do.