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Access To Information Act

It's now tied with Bulgaria and Uruguay.
A minister's spokesperson said overhauling the access law is a "complex matter."
The recommendation to exempt Syrians and Iraqis from requiring official UN refugee status to be sponsored was rejected by then-immigration minister Chris Alexander.
The Access to Information, Ethics and Privacy Committee dropped a major report last week before wrapping up for the summer. Unanimously approved by the multi-partisan committee, the report pushes the Trudeau government to make some serious and long-overdue changes to the law.
The ISIS Crisis is the latest twist in a government-wide effort to use more games in the workplace for training and education.
A federal study found aboriginals and the mentally ill entangled with the justice system often ran into similar difficulties.
The federal government has issued guidance to Canada's spy agency on using contentious new anti-terrorism laws.
Entire pages were withheld because they would reveal government advice, consultations or deliberations.
Suzanne Legault wants their offices brought under the Access to Information Act.
Once a government official says a document is cabinet confidence, neither the information commissioner nor the Federal Court can look at the document to confirm that it is and that the exclusion is being applied appropriately. But this supermassive problem is not being addressed.