Move over, scrunchies. Padded headbands are having a moment this season thanks to Kate Middleton.
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It's time to get fancy.
A trio of tasty goodies Coasters in the pink with Veuve Clicquot Coasters with added fizz... Champagne & chocolates - a perfect
I love spring! The colours are brighter and the layers are lighter. There are so many new styles and trends out this season. Pastels are big, men's watches are on-point and you can never go wrong with a nude shoe.
You can't go wrong with a new dress. Dresses are easier than they get credit for -- wear them solo, with a sweater, tights, booties, sandals -- you really can't go wrong. Bonus, it's easy to transition from day to night; just lose the jacket and add a heel.
One of the biggest trends is the stacking trend, you can wear bangles to create a whirl of colour, or worn individually to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit.
Add these bold, statement-making accessories to your fall wardrobe.
Because clothes get too much attention.
Effortlessly stylish.
The majority of my wardrobe is denim. It is so comfortable and has come a long way from the days when jeans were stiff and rigid. To find out the latest trends for denim this spring, I spoke with Gary Lenett, Co-Founder/President at Duer Denim and Dish Denim.