His great-grandfather was prime minister John Abbott.
The Spanish actor admits he's feeling "more tired than usual."
She was best known for playing Lt. Nurse Kellye Yamato on the hit TV show.
Expect to be handcuffed, thrown and held down, according to the job description.
"The power of her talented presence makes space for others. And that is a gift to every artist of color."
Did you know that the beloved late actor also had cartoon-based career?
Ellen DeGeneres could have played Phoebe Buffay.
A bunch of rad actresses tweeted breastfeeding pictures we've taken on set, at auditions, at rehearsal or at home with the aim of taking nursing out of the shadows and promoting our ongoing efforts to increase awareness and prompt actual change within our industry.
All the tips on budgeting are based on people who get paid on a regular schedule, but if you're an actor, musician, etc., you'll get a chunk of change all at one time and then often have a dry spell. It's so easy to blow through the money that you get paid and then have nothing left for the few months that you're waiting for that next gig.
There aren't enough movies being made with Black actors, which is why we are outnumbered on nomination day. We need to hold the industry accountable for not creating more opportunities for Black actors, not funding Black films and making silly excuses like the financial bottom line.