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" is a terrible message to send when you have BC Hydro behaving in this way."
For B.C. New Democrats Leader Adrian Dix, 2013 started as a year full of promise. The NDP was well ahead of the Liberals
VICTORIA - British Columbia's New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix says he forwarded information to the RCMP in connection with
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg Adrian Dix, the monstrously unsuccessful leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party, has finally agreed to resign. To call the decision overdue would test the limits of polite euphemism. Let's just say if he displayed the same timeliness paying his heating bills he would have perished of frostbite long ago.
VANCOUVER - Outgoing New Democratic Party Leader Adrian Dix says he doesn't plan to play an active role in the race to choose
Dix, who was variously jovial and emotional during his announcement Wednesday, said although party members worked seamlessly
VICTORIA - New Democrat Party Leader Adrian Dix is preparing to make an announcement regarding his political future next
VICTORIA - A still-dejected Robin Austin is decamping to England. A solemn New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix plans to "reflect
VICTORIA - Opposition New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix called British Columbia's Liberals cheats Wednesday, as the ongoing
VICTORIA - A government aide at the heart of a scandal over B.C. Liberal efforts to woo ethnic voters was prepared to offer