Adrian Dix

Staff checked the baby’s heart rate and said she did not need to be in hospital despite her concerns and desire to be kept at the facility, her uncle said.
The judge wrote that lawyers failed to provide evidence that patients’ constitutional rights are being violated.
The province is investigating and Premier John Horgan has condemned the alleged "dehumanizing behaviour."
They will also be restricting the amount of nicotine allowed in the pods.
The 'catch-up' drive beginning next month aims to vaccinate 95 per cent of B.C.'s youth.
It was a pretty safe bet going into election night that regardless of how the vote broke that there were four words from Premier Christy Clark's 2013 victory speech which would be left unsaid this year: "Well, that was easy."
"The criteria is simple: books that I have read or re-read in 2015 and want to recommend."
" is a terrible message to send when you have BC Hydro behaving in this way."
The trend is clear: when voters are faced with a left-leaning party campaigning on centrist economic ideals, they will pick the real deal every time. Every. Single. Time. At its best, Mulcair's NDP can inspire. Bill C-51 is the best example, but its universal child-care policy and promise to abolish the senate also fall into this category. But there have been too many blunders. Mulcair's sudden love for balanced budgets not only affirms the faulty framework that inexplicably lauds Stephen Harper as a responsible steward of the economy, it cedes precious ground to Trudeau at the moment Canadians want an alternative to neoliberal pabulum.
In what's become a Christmas tradition at The Huffington Post B.C., Vancouver-Kingsway MLA and former B.C. NDP leader Adrian