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From a marketing share perspective, Firestone is eternally a brand stuck in the middle, unable to catch competitors like Goodyear and Michelin while never distancing themselves enough from other followers like Uniroyal and Cooper to carve their own niche. They are a brand stuck in the middle by their past hubris and their current marketing seems to never have escaped prior ownership.
Political speech is seemingly under attack from the last place we might expect: Canadian media broadcasters, that say parties can't use broadcasters' content in ads. Protecting copyright is not an illegitimate purpose, but this approach is less than ideal for political advertisements. Political parties rely on election advertising to persuade the electorate to vote for them. This political expression is a significantly important aspect of public discourse and should be accorded the highest priority and protection.
A recent study by Nielsen shows that advertisers, big and small, are turning to the Internet to push their brands. Though many respondents said they still plan to use online advertising for direct response, more and more are spending money on digital brand advertising to promote their company, product or service.
Did you know that Canadians spend 25 per cent more time on the Internet than Americans do? It's true! Yet, companies and their online marketing campaigns have failed to take advantage of what is quickly becoming, or rather, has become, the best, easiest way to advertise.