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advice losing weight

WHO: Tammy Ducharme, project assistant AGE: 30 CITY: Winnipeg, Man. By The Numbers: 369 at my heaviest, and currently 233
We are all aware of the most obvious foods that are bad for our health. Those that contain excess fat, sugar and salt top the list. Ones that come to mind include candy, chocolate, buttery foods, smoked meats and salty snacks. I'm sure you know many more than that. But there are some foods that don't immediately come to mind which we mindlessly consume not thinking about the effects on our health.
This morning I got on the scale expecting to show my blog peeps a seriously fantastico number. I stepped on the scale and closed my eyes. The entire blog that I wanted to write suddenly flashed before my eyes. And then I opened my eyes and I saw -- OH C'MON! Seriously?