"What we are really talking about is financial security," a prof says.
The effect would be negligible, particularly in markets like Vancouver and Toronto.
Climate change and affordability are both topics that the major parties will be tackling in their campaigns.
The federal government's new home-buyer incentive may be prompting a little panic-buying in Toronto.
No relief for renters struggling with Canada's affordability crisis.
The new NDP government wants to know if the measures have done anything to improve affordability.
A simple Google search of "political promises in Canadian real estate market" gives you an idea of where our minds are at this election. The sentiment is pretty clear. Canadians want to know what our next provincial government is going to do about the simmering B.C. real estate market?
Budget 2017 proposes to invest more than $11.2 billion over 11 years in a variety of initiatives designed to build, renew and repair Canada's stock of affordable housing, and help ensure that Canadians have affordable housing that meets their needs. But so far it fails to address key market-related issues - again.
Tight supply and strong demand will dominate the GTA market this year, resulting in double-digit home price growth, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board. While this forecast may be good news for existing homeowners, it might be the last thing prospective homebuyers in Toronto want to hear.