affordable housing

People shouldn't be forced out of their homes during a pandemic, the provincial Liberal government says.
For every affordable housing unit the government picks up, 15 are lost, according to a new study.
The usual sources of demand for apartments have all dried up.
The average house price has jumped 11.2 per cent in the past year.
Sales of single-family homes hit a 22-year low in 2018.
Barely more than half of millennials believe they will ever own a home. But there's no rental housing for them, either.
A new survey from Statistics Canada finds one in five renter households in Toronto are suffering from overcrowding.
Lower mortgage rates, help for first-time buyers and increased immigration levels are all pushing the housing market upwards.
B.C. collected far more than expected from Airbnb taxes, suggesting short-term rentals may be a bigger problem for housing affordability than thought.
Justin Trudeau's government will likely have to work on housing policy with the NDP, who have more ambitious plans than the Liberals.