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Afghan Detainees

Gina Haspel was involved in the CIA's torture apparatus and has repeatedly backed away from calling techniques like waterboarding immoral.
The Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Stéphane Dion, recently declared that Canada "should join this important protocol" -- the United Nations' Protocol against Torture. More than a decade after it was initially passed, Canada is still sitting on the bench and watching cases after cases of torture happening.
KABUL - It burned white hot as a human-rights issue at the height of the Afghan war, sparking a political crisis that in
The interim report on allegations that members of the military police failed to investigate Canadian Forces in Afghanistan
OTTAWA - Prisoners captured by Canadian troops in Afghanistan will now be handed over to the United States, not local authorities
OTTAWA - Amnesty International is demanding that Canada check on the welfare of the prisoners it handed over to Afghan authorities
Human rights experts want to know why a mentally ill Canadian citizen sat in a secretive U.S. detention facility in Afghanistan
U.S. diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks have exposed a troubling case of a mentally ill Canadian-Egyptian held in a
THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OTTAWA - The Conservative government wants to shut down a review of documents about the handling and