The airline plans to have 10 to 11 A220 jets in service by next summer.
The planes, set to replace CF-18s, are part of a procurement package worth $19 billion.
The two airlines appear to be responding to the Airbus-Bombardier tie-up earlier this year.
My concern is that Canada is once again letting incredible aerospace innovation slip through our fingers and out of the country.
Industry analysts say the partnership appears to give Bombardier the legal edge in a political skirmish.
MONTREAL — Stock in financially strapped Bombardier surged following a news report that the Montreal-based plane maker has
Several companies in different countries are developing electric planes, in hopes of offering a fuel-free flight alternative
Future scenarios should be thought of as being in perpetual draft form; they should be rewritten constantly and thought about critically -- always in the condition of workshopping. Questions about how things like new technologies ought to exist are matters of vital social consequence. They are political decisions; questions that we should all be engaging.
Air Canada has recently announced the "greenest flight" in the history of the airline. The flight operated between Toronto and Mexico City on June 18 when an Airbus 319 filled with passengers flew with a 50/50 mixture of normal jet fuel and bio-fuel made from recycled cooking oil. While this news was obviously a savvy marketing move for Air Canada, it also said a great deal about what must be done to achieve sustainability in our lifetime.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The loss of a not-so secret base in Dubai last year forced the Canadian military to use its unarmed Airbus planes for flights into Kandahar Airfield during the final phase of the combat mission, ministerial briefing notes say.

"Pressures imposed by the closure of Camp Mirage and the need to maximize flexibility in providing strategic airlift to support OP Athena have culminated in the (censored) using C-150 flights in KAF," said a Nov. 1, 2010, briefing note prepared for Defence Minister Peter MacKay.