Vessels with more than 100 passengers are not permitted in Canadian waters.
Looks like someone didn't know about the border closure.
They’ve officially taken the fun out of road trips and for good reason.
RCMP issued seven $1,200 tickets for violating the Public Health Act.
Elsa Wilk's brother was also killed in the crash.
U.S. agencies are investigating the collision that involved sightseeing aircraft.
Here we are, mere days into a new year. On the first day of 2017 there were already 264 incidents of gun violence in the U.S. -- with at least 64 people killed and 146 injured. As of January 5 those numbers rose to 500 shootings, 113 deaths and 288 injuries. If, like me, you had hopes that, if Hillary Clinton became president, we might at last see some much-needed, long-overdue gun control in the U.S. we can certainly forget about it now. Not with Donald Trump as president.
"It was such a surreal sight — so serene and quiet, but a stark vision of how brutally harsh life can be."
In a $46.3-billion budget, $49.8 million is chump change, but the B.C. government's 84,346 credit card charges in 2015-16 do offer some insights into how the B.C. government spends on the run. While the number of charges is down from 102,418 in 2014-15, the dollar value is up from $45.1 million.
After three years of feverish construction, the long-awaited Canada-U.S. wall has finally been completed. At a dedication ceremony held at the heavily fortified Detroit-Windsor border crossing, President Donald Trump and the Canadian prime minister jointly conducted a ribbon cutting.