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alberta budget 2013

It's been a rough couple of months for Alberta's health care community. A lean 2013 provincial budget means no money for
The planned closure of the Michener Centre in Red Deer has led to the most rare of sights; all three Provincial opposition parties, Wildrose, Liberal and NDP, agreeing that closing Michener is wrong. As a representative of the Alberta Party I'll add our name to that list.
It was almost exactly one year ago today, April 10th, 2012. As the Alberta Party candidate for Calgary Elbow I sat on the stage with Alison Redford at Mount Royal University when she promised $650 million in funding for post-secondary education. The people in the room were understandably excited; they had just heard the premier promise to adequately fund important facilities like MRU because they thought the Premier believed an educated Alberta is a strong Alberta.
The budget tabled by the province last month was a tough pill to swallow for many Albertans, post-secondary students being
Future Albertans, future children and grandchildren of this province call the cops, you have been robbed. Actually, robbed may be too generous a term: this has been no shoplifting offense. You have been victim of grand larceny. This theft is on par with the scam pulled by Bernie Madoff. It makes the Great Train Robbery look like child's play.
University and college officials across the province are puzzled as to how they are going to set about revamping the post
There is little doubt of the severity of the financial difficulties facing Alberta. In many ways it's the late 1980s all over again. Alberta has again squandered a period of pronounced prosperity and ended up with unsustainable deficits, the likelihood of mounting debt, and no savings.
Alberta's public sector unions were unhappy with frozen operational spending this year. Truth be told, they don't realize they were thrown a lucky lifeline, this because the present government threw Jim Dinning's budget reforms into the deep blue sea.
Closing Michener Centre isn't about dignity, compassion or deinstitutionalization -- just ask the families of residents being evicted. It's about cutting the costs. It's about dumping responsibility for maintaining old buildings. Most shameful of all, it's about the Redford Tories wriggling out of their duty to care for Alberta's most vulnerable people.
Hundreds of post-secondary students and staff marched to the legislature in Edmonton to protest against province-wide education