Alberta economic growth

The Bank of Montreal predicts some challenging times for Alberta.
You read correctly!
OTTAWA - Cities in Western Canada are expected to lead the country's metropolitan areas in economic growth this year, a report
The Alberta government is facing a deficit in the area of $4 billion. By now we have all heard the discussions regarding the recommended courses of action that the government should take to make sure that Alberta's finances get back into the black; reform Alberta's taxation system (although the budget saw no such reforms), cut government spending, and diversify Alberta's energy export markets.
The regional disparities in Canada’s economy continue to widen, with resource-rich provinces outgrowing the rest of the country
Calgary and Edmonton economic growth is expected to lead the country over the next four years, according to the Conference
OTTAWA -- The TD Bank says persistently strong oil prices are giving the economies of resource-rich prairie provinces a turbo
TORONTO - Energy resources will continue to drive the economies of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador forward