Alberta Election 2012

Over the last year, the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and Québec were called to renew their representatives in their respective provincial legislatures. But Contrary to the trend in Ontario and Alberta, where the revelation of a candidate's bias would stain a campaign, Parti Québecois rose in the polls following the aforementioned disturbing disclosures, and even managed to win a minority government.
In retrospect, perhaps it is not surprising that the Progressive Conservatives managed to win their 12th consecutive election
Alberta's election result was a reprieve for the Obama administration. The reasonable Redford government will temper somewhat Harper's enthusiasm for petroleum realpolitik. Had the Wildrose Party won the election, Washington would have been in for a wild ride.
EDMONTON - A sample of what Alberta election polls showed in the runup to Monday's vote: April 23 (Actual Results): Progressive
HIGH RIVER, Alta. - Danielle Smith says Albertans decided the Wildrose wasn't ready to lead the province just yet, thinking
EDMONTON - More Albertans decided Monday's provincial election was too important to miss, reversing a trend that saw a record
EDMONTON - Four seats out of the Alberta legislature's 87 may not seem like much, but it was a cause for celebration by the
HIGH RIVER, Alta. - Wildrose party Leader Danielle Smith was met by a silent protester as she left a community centre after
EDMONTON - Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives defied the pollsters Monday, winning a 12th consecutive majority government
EDMONTON - When Danielle Smith won the Wildrose party leadership in the fall of 2009, she took to the stage at an Edmonton