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EDMONTON — The Alberta government has struck a panel to advise it on the best way to upgrade its energy industry. Energy
Alberta ought to use an internationally recognized and vetted sustainability framework and vocabulary to measure and communicate its sustainability performance to the world, rather than yet another home-made solution. The UN spent three years developing and vetting the SDGs to ensure they accurately reflected the world's sustainability priorities.
The regulation was passed by the previous Conservative government.
Sorry retail and housing markets.
"Our economy is shrinking."
Now human minds aren't really built to understand exponential growth curves but we are right at the beginning of one. The size of the solar PV market in Alberta has increased by 107 per cent in the last year. Based on what's in the development pipeline this little graph will look very different in just a couple of years. There are many different projects in various stages of pre-development that would bring 385 megawatts of solar PV online.
In Alberta, Notley last month introduced a sweeping new climate change strategy.
"We're not saying no development. Do it in a responsible way.''
Major energy projects such as pipelines will go through a "transition phase."
Environment Minister Shannon Phillips said the government will work to ensure that the tax doesn't have "detrimental economic effects.''