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After surviving cancer, the last thing David Whenham expected was to live with a hole in his face for the next two-and-a
EDMONTON - Travellers from Alberta can now stay outside Canada for seven months a year without losing their health-care privileges
EDMONTON - Alberta's auditor general says while no patient is in immediate danger, the province can do a better job on infection
EDMONTON - Patients face bed closures and possibly longer waits for surgery as the province works to make the system leaner
EDMONTON - The head of Alberta's queue-jumping inquiry is accusing Health Minister Fred Horne of interfering with its work
CALGARY - An expert in bioethics says queue-jumping in the health system is never a black-and-white issue. Dr. Lynette Reid
CALGARY - A high-ranking Calgary doctor at the centre of queue-jumping allegations conceded Monday he booked his patients
EDMONTON - Taking stage Monday at a public inquiry is what role, if any, the University of Calgary played in a queue-jumping
CALGARY - Two operators of a private Calgary health centre concede they tried to end-run the booking procedures at a publicly
EDMONTON - The rules on what Alberta radiologists can and can't do vary too much from place to place in Alberta, and doctors