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Alberta housing market

Would-be buyers are being forced to leave the cities they love.
There are still some bargains to be had.
From the Rockies to St. Albert.
Home construction had dropped to a 20-year low before the fire.
House resales dropped nearly 7 per cent last month.
House prices in Calgary have dropped six per cent since October 2014.
The Department of Finance compared the potential real-estate fallout in Alberta — a result of the late-2014 collapse in oil
The International Monetary Fund has issued a new warning about Canada’s housing market, saying that overheated house prices
Many buyers are taking a wait and see attitude when it comes to their real estate purchases in Alberta with the last market failure fresh in their minds. Based on historical data and the opinions of the top analysts, it might be much less painful than many anticipate.
TD Bank sees house prices coming down in all but Canada’s two hottest markets this year, with falling oil prices taking an