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alberta oil

It's easy to point fingers at Ottawa, but cooperation is the best way to bridge the West-East divide.
Too much oil production isn't always a good thing.
Alberta's latest economic recession is over, but it will happen again (and again) without sustainable long-term solutions.
Instead of trying to diversify Alberta's economy according to the global markets of the 21st century, Mr. Kenney is trying to find a scapegoat.
Low prices and U.S competition are forcing the oilsands to retrench.
The two oil-rich jurisdictions take very different approaches to business.
To the public decision-makers who may not have gotten the message: Albertan oil sands development is profitable for Quebec, and Quebecers want Albertan oil.
As the year draws to a close, it's worth looking back at some of the public policy issues that made headlines over the past 12 months, and that have a good chance of being in the news during the next 12 as well.
I have come to the conclusion that this decision is too important to leave in the hands of short-sighted federal, provincial and municipal politicians. Nor do I want to leave it to the oil industry or other lobbyist or environmental groups to decide. I want the ultimate decision to be made by the people of Canada, all the people, every single one.